Sacred Womens Circle – Every 2nd Tuesday

Sacred Womens Events Lyza Saint AmbrosenaMarch 8th – Theme –¬†Awakening Divine Manifestation

Every 2nd Tuesday Evening (Until May 17)

WHEN: 6.30pm – 8.30pm DATES BELOW
WHERE: Holy Rood Family Hall – cnr Oxenford Tamborine Rd and Old Tamborine Rd, Oxenford , Gold Coast
COST: $35 per evening – refreshments provided
(All evenings reccommended for Optimal Benefit)

Something Special to you for the centre of the circle (you may take this home),
Relaxed free flowing clothing,
A Journal & Colored Pens/Pencils.
An open mind & heart x
REGISTER HERE : Phone: 0414714948 or email

Lyza Saint Ambrosena Womens Events






WHEN: 6.30pm Every 2nd Tuesday

9 February ~ 1st Chakra ~ Feeling Supported
23 February ~ 2nd Chakra~ Our Relationships
8 March ~ 3rd Chakra – Self Esteem
22 March ~ 4th Chakra – Love of Self & Others
5 April ~ 5th Chakra – Speaking Truth & Opening our Creativity
19 April ~ 6th Chakra – Awakening Divine Manifestation
3 May ~ 7th Chakra – Enhancing our Psychic Abilities

17 May ~ 8th Chakra – Embracing the Divine Feminine

~ Re Connect with Like Minded Women
~ Re Awaken our Passion for Living
~ Re Call natural ways to create Life Harmony


To Empower ourselves through reconnecting to
– nature,
– our soul,
– our purpose,
– each other and
– to the divine feminine that flows through us all.

To Feel, Shine, Share, Laugh, Sing, Dance, Grow, Connect, Honor, Meditate, Deepen, Listen, Nurture, Help, Heal, Create & Live in our Light…

Recconnecting deeply within our Soul and with the Spirit of ONENESS that flows through us all


Lyza Saint Ambrosena Womens Circle~ Sacred Womens Circle ~
~ Soul Code ~

We see the love in all people, things and experiences,

We speak with honestly, integrity and kindness,

We listen with love, patience and openness,

We take responsibility for our thoughts, words , deeds and all of our creations

We ask for love, support, feedback and guidance when we need it,

We honour the sacred energy of

Our own soul, the divine feminine, & Earth Mother Energy

that flows through each and every one of us.

Now and forever, And so it is

Om Shanti