Are You Looking for Spiritual Development & Inspiration?

There is a growing emergence of spiritual awareness within the broader community.

A sense that we are all connected.

A sense that there are invisible forces at work in our lives.

Many are seeking ways to connect with this divine invisible force within themselves by developing themselves spiritually. The Infinite Connection holds wonderful events that awaken your intuition and Inspire the Body, Mind and Spirit.

Events such as Spiritual Development Workshops, Spiritual Healing Workshops, Healthy Living Workshops, Musical Healing & Inspiration Evenings & Workshops, and every month we hold a large gathering, around the full moon where we feature some of Australia’s most experienced:

  • Spiritual Healers.
  • Psychics.
  • Mediums.
  • Shamans from different cultures.
  • Practitioners that nurture strength of spirituality through Ancient ritual.
  • Inspiring musicians who perform inspiring and transformative  live performances.


Join us with many other like minded hearts & souls who are discovering inner peace and happiness as they explore and celebrate their spiritual growth and their spiritual journey together.


Upcoming Spiritual Events & Workshops


Spiritual Development

Most of us believe we have some form of “invisible relationship” with “someone” or “something” that is “looking out for us, such as a Guardian Angel, Grandparent /Parent/Friend who has passed over, or the Holy Spirit or God.

Most of us sense some sort of ultimate Divine plan for our soul or our life that is guided by “invisible forces” that seek to assist us on our path to happiness.

We all have had experiences where we felt we were “being looked after”, or where we were “guided” to do certain things which lead to greater peace and happiness or protection.

Some seek to enhance their spiritualism, their spiritual understanding, and their spiritual connection privately, or through an established church group, or by joining a non-denominational church such as a spiritual church which encourages individual spiritual development to gain your own spiritual guidance rather than going through a priest or a specific doctrine or dogma.

The Infinite Connection holds Wonderful events that inspire the Body, Mind and Spirit. Learn new ways to co-create a divinely inspired life. Open hearts and Open minds, who come together at events for a collective experience of oneness.

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About Us

The Infinite Connection

Cameron is a big hearted ex policeman with a passion for creating community in both city and country towns for over 20 years. Two years ago he met his soul mate Lyza, a successful spiritual healer and psychic medium. He calls her the fairy.

Their passion for gathering people together for love, laughter and fun that started as BBQ now draws 150+ people together every month whilst still maintaining that wonderful feeling of a family BBQ.

They love what they do.

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Lyza Saint Ambrosena channels energy through her hands and body, directed by a series of healing guides; opening hearts, healing minds & bodies and delivering life changing soul reconnection. She often works with other healers to enhance their connection to guidance for their healing, and reconnects clients to passed loved ones opening a door to the other side for reconciliation.

Lyza facilities regular healing meditation events offering opportunities to reconnect with your core essence. Teaching ancient and current techniques that strengthen an infinite connection.

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