Guided Meditation with Lyza Saint Ambrosena

Lyza Saint Ambrosena guides classes and individuals through meditation to discover their own inner wisdom.

 After years of experience, Lyza believes that each person has their own innate intelligence guiding their life and highly recommends everyone take the time to  learn to meditate to assist them to create a foundation of inner strength, knowing and self esteem.

“Meditation allows us to connect with our inner teacher, our inner peace, our inner wisdom. We are bombarded with external authority figures, peer pressure and electronic images from the time we are children. This is why it is so powerful and imperative that we learn to reconnect with the true voice of wisdom that is our own as often as possible so that we are influenced by our own hearts. Then we are less influenced  by the will of society, peer pressure, consumerism or industries that do not nurture the spirit. Our own inner wisdom will always bring us back to the heart of the matter we are concerned about.  Our own inner wisdom and source of divine infinite love is always there,inside us, waiting to be called into our lives. Breathe, close your eyes, feel into the centre of your chest open your heart, be still and listen.   Remember you are loved”

  Lyza Saint Ambrosena


Each week we approach a different topic that will enhance your daily life.



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Upcoming Meditation Events

We also hold larger monthly events on the Gold Coast and Brisbane with different special guests.


Wanting to learn how to meditate?

Meditation is easy, it becomes easier with practice and by learning a few simple processes the benefits are numerous

Benefits of Meditation

  • Enhanced intuition.
  • Deeper self awareness of your unconscious motivations, reactions, and habits.
  • Inner peace.
  • Calmer body functions.
  • Lower blood pressure.
  • Clearer thinking.
  • Healed Relationships.
  • Inspiration for projects.
  • A more joyous approach to every aspect of your life.


Meditation on the Gold Coast


Tools For Meditation

The more practice you need the less you will need external tools for meditation. You can even meditate while washing the dishes, jogging, house cleaning, waiting for an appointment etc

Till then you may choose to use simple tools to assist your mind and body to relax such as:

How do I meditate

  • A comfortable seating position, cushion, bean bag.
  • meditation stool (so your spine is straight).
  • A guided meditation CD.
  • Relaxing music.
  • Comfortable relaxed clothing attire.
  • Glass of water (pure is preferred), a few minutes before you meditate to ensure that you are hydrated as your brain will function more effectively and positively when it is hydrated.

There are several types of meditation

Silent Meditation

You can meditate in silence, by simply focusing on the Breath coming in and out of your body peacefully. Observe your heart rate and the level of comfort in your body. Continue to bring your attention back to the breath no matter how many times your mind wanders. You can then simply bring your attention to the sounds around you if you are in nature, be aware of them and then once again, come back to the breath and feel your body relaxing more and more deeply each time you breathe in and out.


Guided Meditation

This is where, you become relaxed and listen to your breathing and then you listen to either an audio or a live person who speaks and guides you through a series of events or occurrences that you visualise happening. You simply let go and listen, like a child listening to a bed time story and follow the guidance. Often tremendous inner wisdom emerges from this form of meditation. There are many different forms of guided meditation. Some are to take you on a journey to discover unconscious information that will guide you in your life. Other forms may include a healing experience where parts of the body are healed during the meditation through visualising healing in certain body parts. Success of the guided form of meditation often can depend on the voice of the person who is leading the meditation, if you feel comforted and trusting of the tone of the voice then it is easier to slip into the deep meditation and awareness that is required.


Purposeful Meditation

You may use meditation with a purpose in mind. As an example, you may want to figure out a solution to a problem in your life. You can use your breath to take your body and mind into a deeper and deeper state of relaxation, and then when you feel deeply peaceful you may ask yourself a purposeful question such as;

  • How do I heal my relationship with my mother, father, friend, partner, lover?
  • What do I have to do to find the perfect job for me?
  • What shall I write about for my next article?
  • How can I solve my habit or addiction?
  • What am I doing to sabotage my success and how do I heal this?

Often an answer will come through your subconscious mind to your conscious mind and it will make perfect sense. When using this form of meditation you may want to have a note pad nearby to write your answers on, in case you feel you may not remember them.

You can then ask the same question again, and receive deeper insight and answers, then again, and again. Your psyche is always seeking to heal itself into wellness and peace, so by bringing your mind and body into a state of peace through meditation you can allow your psyche to heal your life in a more conscious way.