The Infinite Connection - Lyza Saint Ambrosena Lyza Saint Ambrosena channels energy through her hands and body, directed by a series of healing guides; opening hearts, healing minds & bodies and delivering life changing soul reconnection. She often works with other healers to enhance their connection to guidance for their healing, and reconnects clients to passed loved ones opening a door to the other side for reconciliation.

Lyza facilities regular healing meditation events offering opportunities to reconnect with your core essence. Teaching ancient and current techniques that strengthen an infinite connection.

Although Lyza has studied a far reaching range of therapeutic techniques, it is not the technique that is transformational in her work, it is her compassion and intuition that encourages hearts to open, minds to let go, and  bodies to heal.

Lyza began her journey as a therapist  when as a young child she was able to feel the physical and emotional pain of others and learned that she had the ability to heal this with touch and compassion.  Lyza learned a variety of eastern and western techniques for physical and personal transformation while at University and while travelling Internationally.

With this Global transformation upon us, both internally and for the planet as a whole, we are uncovering the need to return to a deep state of inner peace and optimal health.

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