PURE MIND – Weekend Meditation Intensive Workshop & Satsang

September 27, 2013 - September 29, 2013 | 6:30 pm - 4:00 pm
Place : 16 Yarama Court Upper Coomera
Cost : $220
Phone : 0414714948
Email : cameron@theinfiniteconnection.com.au

Pure Mind retreat at the Infinite ConnectionWhat will you get out of this Spiritual Retreat?

Are you feeling disillusioned about life?
Do you long for deeper meaning and greater connection with your soul?
Are you feeling dissatisfied with your spiritual search and sense that something is still missing?
Do you want to awaken NOW and not wait any longer?
Do you want the true answers to life’s journey?
Do you want to know what happens when we die?
Then a spiritual retreat is for you!

Robyn Collins The Infinite Connection

Spiritual Retreats are for those that yearn for the truth of their Being and of the Reality of life. It is a time to take a step back from the busy world and dive into the mystery of ones true essence that is preset, still and silent.

In Pure Mind and True Awakening Retreats we bathe in the natural environment of deep silence aside from when we join in dialogue , sharing and celebration. The entire duration of a retreat offers valuable insight, love and support with an invitation to the soul to open to deep inquiry and discovery. As inquiry deepens, questions are unveiled to be healed to the truth of ones BEing.

The Pure Mind practices use highly developed transcendental methods of establishing mental silence – by means of presence and awareness. “Pure Mind” is a series of evolutionary practices which have been researched by transpersonal psychotherapists , doctors and psychologists. They are a course of effortless mindful awareness techniques that allow you to move beyond the chaos of the mind, into a direct experience of inner peace.

Pure Mind invites us to learn how established and positive relationship and understanding to our thoughts and programmed habits through the positive human affirmation.

The identification/addiction and engagement to these incessant thoughts and habits consistently block the awareness to the experience of our limitless, pure and true Self.

The Pure Mind practice simply helps you introduce a new thought into the sea of thoughts already chattering in the mind. This process begins to turn the thinking mind around into a new direction (inward) and causes it to think at deeper levels which quietens the mind and brings the left and right brains into more of a coherence. By quietening the mind into a more direct , one pointed focused thinking , you can learn to move into a deep peaceful rest freeing the whole body of stress , anxiety, conflict or pain and into a state of natural ease.

How does it work?

Part 1.
Effortlessly brings awareness back to the present moment, healing our subjective, or inner, experience of life. It allows anyone, at any time to begin to let go of the limiting habits of judgment and condemnation, and reclaim their innerpeace.

Part 2.
Heals the beliefs and judgments we have around our relationship with the objective, or outside, experience; meaning our bodies, and the world around us. As the judgments we hold in these areas naturally dissolve through practice, we are reconnected with the world as it is, rather than the world as we perceive it to be.

Part 3.
Heals our relationship to the source of Love. Where ever there is still a sense of separation from true Love, there is the possibility of suffering and pain. The judgments we hold in this area, even if not conscious, create experiences of beliefs in separation, automatically reality becomes clear. Love is the very presence of one’s own being. One begins to directly experience the most fundamental of all truths; that you have never been, nor will you ever be, separate from the source of All That Is.

Part 4.

Based on compassion, this technique is the handmaiden of expanding awareness. It is the natural by-product of a life aligned with parts 1,2 & 3. As one’s consciousness naturally expands through practice , Compassion effortlessly replaces judgment, initially with oneself, and ultimately with all of creation. This technique births this experience and heals our relationship with the rest of humanity.

ADVANCED students training in Level 2 & 3 also included in participation
$250 Includes Pure Mind Meditation Cd
$50 deposit to be paid to hold spaces – Min spaces available

The Pure Mind (PM) – Transcendental Consciousness Meditation Practice directs awareness inward to observe the mind and inner and outer distractions and effortlessly brings the mind within to the source of all thought, the state of pure Being or pure consciousness.

Thoughts are then gently and skillfully disengaged to experience inner peace. Pure Mind is authentically and naturally guided with no ‘special’ inductions. Its is a simple, practical and safe self administered practice of mindful awareness and relaxation technique that can be used at anytime and anyplace!

Your thoughts and beliefs about who you are and what life is all about creates your reality. You can choose a life of conflict and suffering or eternal peace and infinite love.

The Pure Mind Transcendental Consciousness Meditation technique is practiced in Silence and is an effortless and easy way to direct awareness deep within to the experience of pure Being, pure bliss and pure creative potentiality.

The Pure Mind technique allows your awareness to drop beneath the stream of thought accessing the ground of your own silent BEing, the most powerful state of pure awareness – transcendental consciousness.

Pure Mind is grounded in the POWER and phenomenon of the principles of the “I AM” philosophy and determines a life of love , freedom and joy
ADVANCED students training in Level 2 & 3 also included in participation
Specially $220 (Normally $250)
Book Early & receive a Pure Mind Meditation Cd
$50 deposit to be paid to hold spaces as Min spaces available

Robyn Collins – Spiritual Teacher & Author of “Return to Soul” and “Sacred Soul Songs & Meditations” www.robyncollins.com.au

BOOKINGS: Cameron Ph/text: 0414714948
Email Cameron – cameron@theinfiniteconnection.com.au or

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WHERE: 16 Yarama Court, Upper Coomera (5 Mins from Exit 54 or 57-motorway)
WHEN: Friday 27 6.30pm registration, Saturday 28: 9.30amto 5pm (evening Satsung optional)  Sunday: 9.30am to 4pm

TIME: 5.30 pm to enjoy the sunset together.
COST: $220
MEALS: Bring you own lunches. on Saturday and Sunday. Shops 5 minutes away

MUST RSVP by email or facebook. Payment to Cameron@theinfiniteconnection to secure your meal.