Soul Days – Infinite Connection – 6 Month Program –

We are all deeply intuitive beings, awakening to our true nature, born to shine in our own unique way, sharing our own personal essence and light with each other.

We invite you to eperience our favourite Awakening Tools and Techniques to Re-energize, Awaken and Reconnect with your Deepest Intuition to create the Miracle Life of your Dreams

6 month Infinite Connection Program :- Online and In person.

  • One Soul day each month gathering on the Land at Beechmonth Mountain
  • One Online Group Connection each month
  1. Month One  –  Miracles and Manifesting
  2. Month Two – Intuitive Psychic Guidance
  3. Month Three  – Healing and Enhancing Relationships
  4. Month Four – Healing and Health
  5. Month Five – Self Esteem, Self Love, Falling In Love with Your Life
  6. Month Six – Soul Guidance

We are all being called to awaken and deepen our intuition to listen tho the deepest parts of our being and reconnect with our purpose, our passion, our intuition, our psycic and intuitive knowing and to our source of innner power, peace and creation.   From all walks of life people are being drawn to spiritual practices to help them awaken, heal, transform and trancend their daily habits to live fully vibrant healthy awakened lives sharing their special essence , their power, their mana, their presence , their grace, their knowing, their gifts.

TIME: 9.30am  – 4.30pm –

INVESTMENT: $222 per day or Pay for all 6 Events upfront

DATES: To Be Confirmed

TO REGISTER YOUR INTEREST Phone or Text : 0400 005 741


  • Backpack
  • Spiritual Journal/Notebook
  • Wear Relaxing Clothes
  • Water Bottle
  • Sunhat, Sunscreen if you use it
  • Plate of Food to Share
  • A jacket, shawl or blanket as the weather can change on the Mountain

This course is for you if:

  • You are waking up to your intuition and want to share your journey with Like Minded People
  • You’re wanting to learn more about meditation, spirituality and your how to maintain happiness once you’ve found it, rather than having it come and go.
  • You used to dabble in spirituality but feel out of touch?
  • You’re going through a tough time of growth or change and want answers & support.
  • You’re coming out of the spiritual closet?
  • You’ve been too busy to give yourself time to take a break because of work, life, family pressures and you feel like something needs to change


Your Hosts

Husband and wife, Cameron Monley and Lyza Saint Ambrosena  have run over 400 heart opening events through their INFINITE CONNECTION group including retreats, meditation evenings, gatherings with multiple guest presenters from all over the world and online programs. They also facilitate Mens and Womens circles, healing circles and sacred energy teachings.

Their presence is infectious with the spirit of love, goodwill and fellowship. Each of them will be teaching on the program retreat offering heart warming wisdom and tools to ignite your spirit and guide you into expanding your own re-connection with  your own Source of light, love and wellbeing that we all share.

Lyza is an experienced, Energy Healer, Therapist, Mentor, Channel and Teacher and has been a Soul Guide for several generations for over 30 years.  Cameron’s back ground includes 20 years in the outback as a policeman in aboriginal communities and as an entrepreneur in the Health and Wellbeing sector, he now gives back through his events and mens work and has worked to bring Communities together for over 20 years.

Your Hosts are married nutters who love everything that brings them closer to the sense of oneness that flows through all things, including nature, the divine, and our hearts. Hence the name the Infinite Connection.

The Venue

We will gather on their 104 acre property in the Scenic Rim region, Gold Coast Hinterland (35 mniutes from Nerang Motorway exit)  where the beautiful Natural energy is clear, of grid and vibrant with life force,  Here they are pracitcing sustainable living, creating sacred space for their Gatherings with an Offgrid Cottage, Bunk Room, Camping, Permaculture Gardens, Meditation Areas and more.


Our Vision:

We are creating a Sanctuary where we gather together as a Soulful Tribe on regular occaisions. 

Reconnecting with our True Nature and inner wisdom through Learning, Bush walking, Soulful Experiences, Qi gong, Life Mastery, Self Mastery, Education Programs, Retreats, Delicious Healthy food from the Garden, Friendship and fun.


We share a mutual love of nature,

We value human compassion and kindness as we all awaken consciously together.

We develop and encourage authentic communication and deepening intuition as a path to healing, happiness, health, and honoring the highest ideas for creating a bright abundant future. 

We explore ecologically sustainable living with Joyful, conscious, awareness and authenticity.


RSVP: 0400005741

With Love, Lyza Saint Ambrosena and Cameron Monley