2 x Workshops with Native American Shaman Medicine Crow ~ The Shamans Path & Ceremony

August 4, 2013 | 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
Place : 16 Yarama Court Upper Coomera,4209
Cost : $180
Phone : 0414714948
Email : cameron@theinfiniteconnection.com.au

Medicine Crow at the infinite connection

We have the privilige of presenting 2 seperate work shops,

The Shamans Path ~ 9am till 1pm
Ceremony ~ 2pm till 6pm

DR. MEDICINE CROW, a Chief of the Sand Hill Band of Indians who are Cherokee-Delaware Descendants. Crow has spent much of his life rediscovering the musical, spiritual and healing techniques of his and other ancient people. He conducts ceremonies, workshops, seminars, retreats, healings and musical performances internationally. At the events he’ll be sharing a shaman’s medicine drum journey…with a talk about healing the heart by letting go of the past.

Medicine Crow at the Infinite ConnectionTHE SHAMANS PATH 9am to 1pm
Learn how to overcome the obstacles that stand in your way to personal power and freedom. Gain an understanding of the Shaman’s principles as a guidance system and take a 3rd Level journey (active meditation) to meet your spirit guides. Medicine Crow provides a relaxing healing atmosphere by combining the use of flute, drums, rattles, gongs and other percussion instruments. Learn how to use these methods of practical Shamanism to affect positive change in your life. 4 Hours COST $80

CEREMONY 2pm – 6pm
Learn ancient practices of the warrior Shaman – the drum, rattle, stones , herbs. Native Americans consider the drumbeat to be the heartbeat of Mother Earth. Along with the rattle, it has the power to heal, transform and transport us to new dimensions. Bring their ceremonial tools and regalia. Be prepared to create your own ceremony and make your dreams a reality. Sincethe beginning, smoke, fire, water and stones have been used for ceremony and cleansing. Learn the history and procedures of smudging, prayers, herbs and tools through demonstration and participation. Fourth Principle: “NOW IS THE MOMENT OF POWER” Approx: 4 Hours COST $80

Feel free to bring you own drum and Crow may share with you his views on drum circle Etiquette

View some of Medicine Crows Work http://hummingwolfmedicine.com/medicine_crow_workshops


Sunday 4 August
The Shamans Path 9am to 1pm Cost $80
Ceremony 2pm to 6pm Cost $80

Cost of attending Both will be $160. Let us know that you are attending both and let us prepare lunch for you


Phone Cameron on 0414714948

16 Yarama Court, Upper Coomera (North), (ONLY 5 MINUTES from the OXENFORD EXIT off the Motorway)

TURN LEFT at The Lost City Hotel onto Brygon Creek Road which will lead you to Yarama Court.