psychic medium debbie b Mewes

Psychic Medium Debbie Bozicevic – Mewes the Universal Goddess

  We have had the pleasure of knowing medium Debbie B Mewes for some years now and each year to our excitement she graces one of our monthly spiritual gatherings with her very accurate displays as an evidentialy medium. She has been a professional psychic and medium for over...
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The Divine Feminine (The Little one) ~Reveals her Lifetime as an Egyptian prophet

In this chanel, Lyza speaks as The little one (The Divine Feminine), and then you can visibly watch the energy start to shift as she begins to speak & share a lifetime she’s experienced in Egypt as a prophet. She speaks of the tall youthful body, that maintained youth...
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Kevin James Carroll speaks about his life and the Heart Songs Music that he creates

This is the second time that we have had the privilage of having Kevin James Carroll as a guest at one of monthy events.This time was no different with many hard core devotees and those who had never experienced anything like this before.  At the end of the night everyone left...
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