60 Channeled Personal Reading: $120

This is your opportunity to ask questions about present life issues and receive insight and guidance from both Rev. Mychael and the Masters. This guidance comes directly from your Guides, Angles, and Ascended Masters through Rev. Mychael in a tranquil office setting or over the telephone.

Private Séance with up to 4 guests in attendance with the Ascended Masters: $220

Book the Hour for yourself $220 or Bring 3 friends at 1 hour ($60 per person)

Mychael and his Cabinet Attendant will host private séance for up to 4 guests to speak directly to Materialized Spirit Persons and Ascended Masters. Questions may be asked by all guests so come prepared with questions memorized.

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Rev. Mychael Shane, a physical medium and spiritual teacher, has spent his life connecting to the Ascended Masters of Shamballah to bring forth their teachings and principles into the world.

He offers spiritual healing, instruction and direct application so individuals can strengthen and fully realize their connection to the Spirit World, their Guides and Master Teachers; as well as, to work directly with the Ascended Masters and Lady Masters of Shamballah if a student seeks the calling.

Rev. Shane, the Ascended Masters of Shamballah seek to bring healing, education, change and world peace by assisting their students to create a connection to the higher realms, whereby the veil that separates the dimensions begins to fade.

Rev. Shane has been scientifically tested in the United States and Switzerland, and has achieved endorsements to pursue his work and mission throughout Europe.  “I believe everything that has been taught to me can be taught to others if they are willing to learn.”  – Rev. Mychael Shane