Join Cameron and Lyza a Gold Coast Based Spiritual Healer on a Meditation journey of self discovery, of personal re connection to your inner most source of joy and peace. Lyza has spent her life on a journey through multiple personal trials and self healing that has led her to create a powerful process for self discovery through healings, meditation and experiential workshops that Re~Awake, Re~Connect, Re~Store, & Re~Energize.

During the meditation Lyza will share practical tools for you to take home with you.

Lyza’s works with energetic guides in her healing sessions.

Occasionally at the end of the meditation evenings this guidance is channelled through Lyza in a full trance channel. The below youtube link is an example of this work.

Lyza Saint Ambrosena Healer Gold Coast

This is a Short clip from a Channeling on a Wednesday night if you like what you see click on to view the full version

Lyza Saint Ambrosena channels energy through her hands and body, directed by a series of healing guides; opening hearts, healing minds & bodies and delivering life changing soul reconnection. She often works with other healers to enhance their connection to guidance for their healing, and reconnects clients to passed loved ones opening a door to the other side for reconciliation.

Lyza facilities regular healing meditation events offering opportunities to reconnect with your core essence. Teaching ancient and current techniques that strengthen an infinite connection. You will take home three of these techniques this evening to enhance your life…We’d love you to join us – Watch here…

Here’s what others have to say about these Healing Meditation Events
“Absolutely Amazing Night!!! Full of practical techniques in assisting us to connect and ground our energies as well as those around us. Lyza as always guides us to our best and highest intent and her teachings are invaluable. Thank you to all that shared the evening and their hearts. Thank you Lyza and Cameron for opening your home and sharing your amazing gifts with us. xoxox Bethany, Gold Coast

“What an amazing nigh last night with Lyza. I arrived there feeling very flat and was carrying a lot of sorrow and grief, with my memory firmly fixed on what was happening this week a year ago.


Through Lyza’s many little mediations – I was able to let all of that go and step back into the here and now – not carrying that sorrow and grief any more.

Liza, working with her guides and teaches gave us some very simple tools and techniques to use,

How to energize the energy in the body,

How to flow that energy by unblocking our meridian lines, straightening the spine, moving the feet, getting those Chakras moving.

How to focus on pulling in our energy to work with us instead of against us

We then all created a hat to put on to protect ourselves from negative energy, which just on its own was so powerful.

My message came through loud and clear – ‘Love yourself”

Thank   you Lyza and your amazing guides and teachers for an evening of transformation, healing and love. Thank you Cameron for creating the space for that to happen

Thank you, thank you, thank .you

Mary, Labrador