sound healing with Chris James at the infinite connection

We discovered our True Voice with Sound Healer and Singer Chris James

For a number of years now we have had the pleasure of presenting singer and sound healer Chris James at our monthly gatherings. Many of our regulars get excited as they claim that Chris was insturmental in their early spiritual work …. We have also had amazing experience...
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psychic medium debbie b Mewes

Psychic Medium Debbie Bozicevic – Mewes the Universal Goddess

  We have had the pleasure of knowing medium Debbie B Mewes for some years now and each year to our excitement she graces one of our monthly spiritual gatherings with her very accurate displays as an evidentialy medium. She has been a professional psychic and medium for over...
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lulu and mischka music

Lulu and Mischka at the Infinite Connection ~ Union through Sound and Music

  In early November 2013 Lyza and I had the pleasure of hosting a lovely young couple Lulu and Mischka. They are an Australian bases Bhakti-Yoga couple how have been travelling the world sharing their voices and soulful songs, ancient mantras  meet english Lyrics, modern...
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Psychic Readings with Jason McDonald

Psychic Jason McDonald comes to The Infinite Connection

The Infinite Connection December Gathering was graced with amazing Psychic Readings from renowned Queensland Psychic Jason McDonald from Nundah. Jason McDonald was born in tropical Queensland Australia When Jason McDonald was just five years old a relative asked him to place his...
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Sacred Earth Music comes to the Infinite Connection

In October 2014 we have the wonderful opportunity of hosting Prem and Jethro from Sacred Earth Music  at the Carrara Community Centre. Based on the Sunshine Coast  Australia, Sacred Earth tour the world sharing uplifting, expansive music from the heart. Ancient Mantra’s, soaring...
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Our guest is Leandra. Leandra is a Sound Alchemist, Her celestial sounds brings transformation to those she supports on a core level. she teaches and guides people with her wisdom, presence, and the use of her voice to channel Celestial Light.

Sound Alchemist Leandra Gurbiel talks about Healing using Sound Alchemy

We had the pleasure of having Leandra as our guest presenter at our December Full Moon event as well as running a one day workshop on Sound Alchemy. Leandra Gurbiel is a Sound Alchemist, Her celestial sounds brings transformation to those she supports on a core level. she teaches...
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Heal your Heart ~ Channeling the Divine Feminine (trance medium)

  This is a clip for Lyza Saint Ambrosena: (spiritual healer) meditation night on the 19 February 2014 where the theme was how to Heal your Heart. Here the guides share a peaceful message – “Love knows no bounds”     5 minutes into the video- You will feel the love...
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Connecting with our Guardian Angels ~ Spiritual Channeling Guidance

  This is a clip for Lyza Saint Ambrosena: (spiritual healer) meditation night on the 12 February 2014 where the theme was how to connect to our guardian angels.     We each have had experiences when we feel we have been assisted, guided, nurtured or protected by...
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Channelled Meditation for communicating with loved ones who have passedover ~ 2014

  This is a number of highlights from a night where the theme was “Sensing Spirit” Here the guides explain that our prayers and our intentions invoke the consciousness of those we call upon who have passed over. … There are different vibrations who come...
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Spiritual Channeling Divine Will ~ Let your Unity with Spirit be Beautiful

Lyza: Some of the healing guides I work with in the healing room are of a celestial (galactic) vibration, rather than human, and here, one of these guides speaks of how beautiful the human heart energy is when it is fully functional within the human body. They explain that the...
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