~An Apportation Event plus a Blindfold Billet Reading per person~
Limited to 20 attendees only – $120 early bird or $135 at the door

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Mychael works with many Ascended Masters (Babaji, El Morya, Count St Germaine, Buddha, Jesus, Mother Mary, Lady Nada, Kuan Yin, Master Ashtar, Lady Clarion and more).
The Masters will prepare Mychael’s body to act as a portal through which Sacred Objects will apport (dematerialize and rematerialize) into our realm via a vortex in the medium’s body.  Items can include semi and precious crystals, precious metals, jewelry and more. These items are HIGHLY SACRED and powerful healing objects intended for the healing and expansion of consciousness of the recipients.

Apportation occurs through a physical medium known also as Transphysical Phenomena Medium.  Rev. Shane is a 3rd generation Physical medium who has been on the spiritual path for most of his life.

There is no guarantee that apports will manifest as Mychael does not control these dynamics – the outcome is based on the energies of those in attendance (e.g. positivity vs negativity and the ability of the Ascended Masters to harmonize all energies at play).  There are no guarantees that each guest will receive such an object from the Spirit (as not everyone is in need of healing), however, this is an unlikely occurrence.

NOTE: This event typically involves a channeled message to the audience and depending on the number of participants, each person or a selected group will be able to ask a question of the Ascended Master.


This is a process that involves placing a secretly written question (and often the names of loved ones or Guides in Spirit) on a piece of paper which is folded in half, signed and assigned a number by its author. The Medium will have his eyes covered by 2 silver dollar coins, which are taped in place. Next, a blindfold is secured over the coins/eyes to block out all sight. This process forces the Medium inward to his 3rd eye and higher connections with Spirit.

Billets are taken up by a blindfolded Medium, who intuits each number accurately and then answers the question contained within via Mediumship (and Psychometry), the Medium’s Spiritual Guides will tell him the answer to your question.  The Medium will attend to all questions either during the event or at the end.